Client Solutions

We offer the following specialist functions either on a project basis or as part of a broader contracted service.

Market Analysis and Planning

We have the expertise to reach the answers you need to make sound business decisions; whether you are evaluating a new market or re-analysing your current market policies and strategies.

i. Route/Market Research (Route structure, Frequency and Schedule

ii. Competitor Analysis

iii. Preparation of a Business and Marketing Plan

iv. Brand Development and Implementation (Full Service or Low Cost
Method, Cargo) v. Air Operator Certificate (AOC) application and execution International Air Service Agreements, Over-flight Clearances and Overseas Operating Permits

vii. Recruiting of a Core Management Team and Organizational Structure

viii. Capital requirements and Financial strategy

Aircraft Evaluation and Fleet planning

i. Selecting the optimal aircraft based on market, network plan, traffic
estimates, seating configurations, operating economics and performance

ii. Evaluating the most suitable aircraft sourcing method; i.e. Old vs. New,
Purchase vs. Lease, ACMI Lease vs. Operational Lease etc.

iii. Financing Options

iv. Sourcing the aircraft from the manufacturers or leasing company

v. Purchase Contract Optimization: Negotiating purchase / lease contracts of
the aircrafts and associated equipment to obtain the maximum benefit
from the manufacturers and the vendors

Start-Up Support

i. Personnel Recruitment and Training

ii. Aircraft Acceptance Checks

iii. Aircraft Delivery Flights

iv. Compilation and Customization of Aircraft Manuals and Documentations

v. Maintenance Planning for line, light and heavy maintenance

vi. Aircraft Component Solutions

vii. Ground Service and Passenger Handling Facilities and Equipment

viii. Information Technology Applications (Customized Reservation, Flight
Planning, Crew Management, Maintenance Control and Airline Administrative software and applications)

ix. Aviation Insurance Services

x. Service Provider and Ground Handling Agent Contracts

xi. Crew Accommodation and Transportation

In-Service Support Technical and Operational

i. All Activities involved with Routine Flight Operations: Aircraft Allocation,
Flight Planning, Dispatch, Operational Control, Crew management etc.

ii. Safety and Security Management

iii. Airworthiness Management and Maintenance Organization

iv. Warranty Management

v. Periodic and Upgrade Training for operational personnel

vi. Quality Assurance, Compliance Reviews and Technical Audits

vii. Fuel Supply / Hedging Strategies and Fuel Conservation

Customer Services and Airline Administration

i. Marketing and Promotional Strategies

ii. Revenue and Yield Management

iii. Ground Services : Reservations, Check in, Premium Lounges, Passenger
Boarding, Catering, Cargo Handling

iv. In-flight Services Management: Food and Beverages, Amenities, In-flight
Entertainment, Duty Free Sales etc.

v. Customer loyalty program and Strategic Alliances / Code Sharing

vi. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

vii. Delay, Disruption and Crisis Management

viii. Logistical Support

ix. Financial and Human Resources Organization